While Europe still slumbered in the midst of the Dark Ages, the Mayan people had charted the heavens, evolved the only true writing system native to the Americas and were masters of mathematics and calendrics. They were able to construct vast cities with an astonishing degree of architectural perfection and variety.

Women Facilitators of Nuevo Horizonte
Peten Alliance for Life and Peace


Association Mayalan is made up of 14 community groups representing 3 linguistic groups - Quiche, Mam, Kakchiquel - located in the departments of Solola, Quiche, Retalhuleu, Huehuetenango. Its membership is 62% women, 38% men. The majority of the women are illiterate and many are widowed from the violence of the 80s. General problems found in these communities are poor food, inadequate housing, poor health, no opportunity for education, migration to fincas, high rate of infant mortality. The Association Mayalan works in 4 program areas:
  1. Promotion of Women
  2. Cultural Identity
  3. Productive Projects
  4. Medicinal Plants

Members of Mayalan participate in a Mayan ceremony during an educational trip to visit Tikal.

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